One of the most exciting destinations to see when you vacation in Oia is the Thirassia Island – also spelled Therasia or Thirasía. It is a volcanic island, the second largest in the Greek Cyclades group after Santorini (officially Thira, sometimes spelled Thera).

Thirassia is under the jurisdiction of the Community of Oia, which also includes Finikia, Kolumbo, Baxedes, Paradisos, and Tholos. The island can be accessed by boat from Athinios Port or Ammoudi Port in Oia. The capital of the Isle is Manolas, a traditional Cycladic village erected atop of the steep caldera. Like most Santorini villages, Manolas boasts traditional cave homes and narrow roads. Donkeys play a significant role in transportation here, but you can always hike to Manolas from the boat landing at Korfos, to enjoy beautiful views of Santorini and Oia across the sea. Spend a while in the port to see the fishing boats returning with the fresh catch of the day. It’s worth it to sit at one of the waterfront taverns in Korfos to eat authentic local dishes made from scratch.

Up in Manolas, you will find a general store and the traditional bakery Sirigos A. with a wood-fired oven. They only have bread, but it’s absolutely delicious. Don’t leave Manolas without trying this bread.

If you arrive in Thirassia at the port of Riva, you can visit Potamos before you head to Manolas. The traditional settlement is dominated by two churches: Agios Dimitrios and Panagia i Giatrissa.

Thirassia Island boasts a total of 21 churches, which are interesting points of interest for tourists. Besides the churches, you can also visit the traditional settlement at Kera (currently uninhabited) and the Cycladic monastery of Panagia Trypiti. From the uninhabited settlement of Kera, you can admire the Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni islands. If you need more information, visit the official site of the island.

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