Santorini is different things to different people: the most romantic spot for couples at sunset, a honeymoon choice, a luxury destination for VIPs, the ideal place to swim and sail for those who love the sea, but more importantly, a haven for oenophiles.

Grapes were introduced on Santorini in prehistoric times, by the Phoenicians. Volcanic pumice soil gives the wine a distinctive bouquet, highly appreciated by connoisseurs. The vineyard area of Santorini covers more than 14,000 hectares, with over 50 grape varieties, some of which are rare and have unique enological characteristics.

The wines of Santorini are famous around the world. One of the top 10 wine museums in the world is here in Vothonas, and Domaine Sigalas near Oia is always a favorite stop for all kinds of tourists. This particular Santorini winery produces Assyrtiko wines and blends of Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria, and Mavrotragano. Their wines are available at the vineyard, but also in local Oia shops and restaurants. You can always ask your concierge at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa to get you a sampling of Domaine Sigalas wines.

Domaine Sigalas sign

But Santorini is a living vineyard, and there are several other wine producers to consider when you vacation on the island. Book a wine tour with Santo Maris, or attend one of out wine tasting events, which are usually announced on our Facebook page. It is good to note that Santorini is the exclusive producer of original Vinsanto, a particular wine, produced in the old passito style tradition, using Assyrtiko and other indigenous grapes grown on the island that have been dried in the sun for up to 14 days. Don’t leave Santorini without trying this authentic wine. Even when you purchase bottled Vinsanto produced on our island, drinking it with local food is an experience that you do not want to miss.

Vine growing on Santorini has some particularities: the vines are shaped like a nest and kept low to the ground to protect the grapes against winds and heat. Santorini preserved much of its ancient winemaking and growing traditions despite modern technologies. A detailed overview of the island’s wines can be found here.

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