When you stay at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, you are very close to the beautiful island Thirasia, which can be easily accessed by boat and ferry from Amoudi, the charming port of Oia. Although it is so close to Oia, this island is an entirely different place, with a charm of its own, well worth it for a day trip.

Thirassia Island is a miniature of what Thira used to be several years ago. Its villages are still surrounded by the “aura” of the past. It’s oblong in shape, with an 8km diameter in length, and a 2.5 diameter in breadth. According to Greek mythology, it was named after Therasia, the younger daughter of King Theras.

Thirasia, also spelled Thirassia, used to be connected to the island of Santorini till the earthquake of 1628 BCE. Today, this volcanic land is a peaceful destination, with a population slightly over 200 people, favored by tourists for its traditional villages (no more than five), with typical island architecture.

You will arrive on Thirassia by boat from Amoudi to the new port of Riva, which is a more affordable destination than the old port of Korfos. Like every other Greek island, Thirasia boasts numerous churches, which are interesting to see – some for their religious art, others for architectural style, location, and scenic views. There are about 21 churches you will discover on rocks and in gorges. Besides churches and beautiful cycling and hiking paths, Thirasia doesn’t offer much for travelers. You can enjoy a local meal at a fishing tavern if you want, or, if you want to picnic, bring your own food. There are not many shopping options on the island, so buy what you need in Oia.

The island is small and perfect to see in a day. You arrive in the morning and explore it by bike, or there is also a bus, but the most beautiful places to see are not on the route. Beachgoers will find the perfect sand stretch near Riva. There is an official Facebook page of the island if you want to get updates and to learn about the most important landmarks of Thirassia.

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