The Argyros Mansion, also known as the Argiros Estate, is one of the marvels of Mesaria at the heart of Santorini. It is a historic architectural landmark from the XIX Century.

Recently restored, the Argyros Mansion currently serves as a museum decorated to reflect the lifestyle of the mighty vine growers and wine traders of the XIX Century. It has elegant interiors, with colorful paintings decorating the ceilings, antique handmade furnishings from Crete and all over the world, and masterfully crafted wooden floors.

The building known as the Argyros Mansion dates from 1888. According to its official website, it was built by local master craftsmen in the Neoclassical style. At the time, it was the main residence of the family of wine grower and maker George Argyros. The building belongs now to Manolis Argyros, the fourth generation of the Argyros family. He is now in charge of the management of the building, continuing the work of his ancestor and opening the doors of the mansion to the public.

The building was destroyed by the earthquake of 1956, and restored by the grandson of the first owner from 1987 to 1994. Today, the Argyros Mansion reveals all the habits, the customs, and the everyday life aspects of the XIX century in Santorini for an illustrious family. The living room is decorated with Austrian furniture and a marvelous Russian buffet; the dining room boasts classy Viennese furniture; and the list goes on.

The Argyros Mansion is located not far from Fira, at the heart of Mesaria, one of the largest villages of the island, with beautiful streets, elegant squares, and a large number of cafest and restaurants. The village hosts many cultural events throughout summer. The mansion offers guided tours in English and Greek. You can visit the mansion as an individual, or book a group tour.

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