Watching the otherworldly sunset of Santorini from these five spots

It is said that the Santorini’s postcard sunsets are among the most sought-after spectacles. this magical hour of the day, the sky is painted in a glorious palette of purple, orange and red colors. And we know that nothing spells romance better than gazing at the amber skies over the comfort and privacy of your own suite relaxing at your jacuzzi at Santo Pure Oia Suites & Villas.

If you wish to enjoy nature’s spectacle around the island, our Guest Experience Specialists are here for you to guide you to the five best spots to watch the mesmerizing sunset in the island.

From the Imerovigli Village

The “balcony of the Aegean”, as it is called, is impossibly beautiful at sunset. It rules at the highest point of the caldera of Santorini and has the stuff of postcard blues, especially when the sun sets into the Aegean Sea. Head to Skaros, one of the five Venetian fortresses of Santorini, once used to be an observation post providing security from pirates. Today, you will admire the remains left after the earthquake of 1817 and, of course, a striking view over the volcano from the top. Here, you will experience a true “wow” moment when you will be here to see the show put up in the sky by the sun.

From the Akrotiri Lighthouse

Travelling to the southern part of the island, the lighthouse of Akrotiri is another romantic spot at sundown. This lighthouse which was erected in 1892 by a French company is one of the oldest in Greece. This landmark is one of the most beautiful you will see in this part of the world. Sunset-watching can’t get better than this.

From the Sea

Let yourself be enchanted by the awe-inspiring landscape and the changing colors of the sunset while at sea. Choose among a wonderful variety of boat excursions and embark on a reviving sailing experience to the Caldera. Usually beginning in the afternoon, sunset cruises may include a few stops along the coast and end with a vantage point view by the volcanic islets. Several cruise options feature on-board dining and promise to be unforgettable.

From the Sunset Serenade point

Many of the stunning sunset pictures of Santorini are captured from this spot, which is full of camera-toting tourists ready to snap a million shots of the celestial spectacle. Albeit crowded, Sunset Serenade is spectacular. As the sun dips into the sea, you get to see the mesmerizing colorful glow of the light on the whitewashed cliff-houses of Oia.

From the Castle of Agios Nikolaos at Oia

At the northwestern coast of the island, lies the most famous spot for sunset viewing. This renown site among visitor is no other than the Venetian castle of Agios Nikolaos. Dating back to the 15th century, it is named after a beautiful church carved in a rock, dedicated to Agios Nikolaos. Today it is one of the most famous spots for its breathtaking sunset views attracting crowds of travelers to cherish the magical vistas.

By our Guest Experience Specialists

A Santorini Guide for First-Time Visitors

Santorini is one of the world’s iconic destinations, a stunning postcard recognized by anyone who ever dreamt of travel. From her multicolored cliffs that rise ominously from the aquamarine depths of the Aegean to the whitewashed buildings huddled on the rim of the cliffs, this is a place of and for daydreams. Dazzling panoramas, legendary sunsets, and unbelievable volcanic-sand beaches lay waiting to dazzle visitors young and old.

Of all the places people put on their “bucket lists,” Santorini leaves upwards of 1.5 million tourists a year stunned by her sheer beauty and allure. This most volatile and enigmatic Cyclades isle is officially called Thera, after the son of Euphemus, who was one of Jason’s Argonauts. Out of the myths of prehistory, garnished by tales from Plato of Atlantis and other epic legends, Santorini does not have any “little history.” Here you’ll find the stuff dreams are made of growing out of the black sands of time.

As legend has it, Thera was a major naval base of the Minoan Empire utterly destroyed when the volcano erupted about 1450 BC. The violent explosion of magma beneath this mystic island emptied the gigantic basin below the island, and caused the collapse of the volcano. The billions of cubic meters of seawater emptied into this blazing abyss unleashed what some believe, was the largest explosion in human history, a blast that delivered 60 meter-high tsunami waves to nearby Crete and Egypt further beyond. What remains of the island many believe was fabled Atlantis, is a caldera (or crater) with towering cliffs along the east side, which is now Santorini’s trademark landscape dotted with settlements along its edge.

First-time visitors to the island will at first be amazed by the dizzying heights and views of the caldera that provoke many to gasp in awe. From the busy capital of Fira, visitors find the 15-minute walk to nearby Firostefani an uplifting experience, and then a further quarter hour’s trek leads to the highest point of Santorini, where Imerovigli village offers unimaginable photo-taking opportunities. It is these three settlements that get most of the attention, along with the iconic Oia – the most photographed village of Thera – to the north.
Farther east, volcanic sand beaches beckon sunbathers, snorkelers, and swimmers where the land levels out onto the sea. The resorts of Kamari and Perissa offer a more traditional appeal, along with water sports, bars, and beautiful promenades. Then there’s Santorini’s spectacular vineyard-lined inland, where travelers can catch a glimpse into the past of the island. At Pyrgos and other villages, the cuisine of Santorini takes on a new life, and the charm of ancient Greece comes to life. Wine tastings at more than a dozen local wineries compliment any hike into the island’s inner sanctum, and any number of wine or archeological tours come highly recommended. A few of Santorini’s highlights for first-time visitors include:

  • See the impressive Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira, which reveals the puzzle pieces of the island’s distant past via the archeology of legendary Akrotiri.
  • Sunsets: Prime sunset-seeing is accomplished best in Oia, where tens of thousands come to admire the sundown on the island.
  • Hike from Fira to Oia: While the walk is challenging under the scorching sun, this is one of those experiences you take home and tell about forever.
  • Swim in the hot springs: Take a boat tour to the base of the caldera and dive into the hot springs in the midst of the sea – this is a fantastic experience.
  • Swimming, as suggested, can best be enjoyed at the black sand beaches in the east.
  • Tours: Any number of companies lead guided archeological, wine and culinary, and sunset photography tours.
  • Akrotiri: The fascinating site of Akrotiri displaying a Minoan city destroyed by the volcanic eruption during the Bronze Age is a must-see.

No matter what else you do while on Santorini, be sure and book at least one tour. They’re simply fun, informative, and the best way to get to know more about the island. Whether you pick a spellbinding helicopter flight over the caldera, or a luxury wine tour, there’s no better way to pack a wealth of information and fun into a first-time visit. For the visitor who likes venturing off-the-beaten-path, the boat trip to uninhabited Thirassia on the western side is a memorable adventure. Oh, and be sure to take a walk to Skaros Rock for an unbelievable view. Finally, no Santorini suggestion guide could be complete without recommending a swim in Ammoudi Bay and a dive off the cliff at Agios Nikolaos.

The best times to visit Santorini are spring and fall – from April to May and September to October. Temperatures during these months are not as elevated as they are from June to the end of August. Offseason, in the winter months – from November until March – most of the hotels, restaurants, and shops, are closed, but the experience is unique and ideally suited for those who are looking to experience the island like a local.
First-time visitors to Santorini may also want to consult this list of frequently asked questions before traveling.