Once, the currency of the island, today, still famous for taste, and vibrant crimson color, the Santorini tomatoes, or “tomatines,” are very sought after by tourists and foodies from all over the world.

They are also an integrated part of the local diet, and you can enjoy them from breakfast till late at Alios Ilios at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa. If you remember, the restaurant has a Greek Breakfast certificate for its authentic dishes.

Traditional tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters) make the top list of “must eat” when you are visiting us, and the taste is unique, bursting with flavor: the taste of the island. Enjoy this famous starter with a dip of Tzatziki, or just with a sip of raki, and take in the memory of the moment. When you leave Santorini, and you miss the magic of the island, close your eyes, and remember this bite, and it will all come back, with the intensity of the sunset.

The Santorini tomatoes are unique: they do not grow anywhere else, and they take their taste from the rich volcanic soil of the island. They require no watering, and considering that water is what this beautiful island needs the most, these little wonders are truly godsend. They may truly be holy, as they were brought to the island in 1818 by a monk, called Fragkiskos.

There was a time when Santorini tomatoes were, after wine, the biggest agricultural value – with dozens of factories processing them, and thousands of hectares dedicated exclusively to their crops. 1956 crushed the industry. The Amorgos earthquake took its toll of lives, but also changed life for many. You won’t see endless fields of tomatines anymore, but the locals still grow their beloved fruits. Somehow, these little drops of crimson dew find their way at the table every time of the day. You simply have to try a tomato soup made with Santorini tomatoes.

More importantly, the Santorini tomatoes are the richest fruits in lycopene in the known world. Lycopene is great for supporting cardiovascular health, greatly reducing the risk of heart disease – something to consider next time you dine with us.


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