Vourvoulos is one of Santorini’s charming villages. It is not as touristy as Oia, although it has a good beach, and beautiful views of the coastline of Santorini and the eastern plains, among others.

Reaching Vourvoulos is easy by car, as the village is less than 30 minutes drive from Oia. You can also take a hike along the coastline towards Imerovigli, passing through other charming settlements like Finikia. A lot of this hike shares the route with the legendary hiking trail from Oia to Fira so you can admire beautiful seascapes and landscapes on your way.

Vourvoulos enjoys a fortunate location, not far from the capital of the island, on a slope surrounded by mesmerizing volcanic landscapes. You can take in the wilderness of the area, and, if you don’t like tourist crowds, this is the best place to be. The beach is not organized, but it is scenic if you don’t mind the trash. The waves are huge, so you are not advised to come here for swimming. If you are not the pretentious type, the wilderness of the Vourvoulos beach is quite appealing.

This is also an excellent destination for foodies, mainly for those who enjoy straightforward, simple cuisine, that counts only on the freshness of the produce and local tradition to deliver food like grandmas once cooked. Fish taverns and local cafes serve delicious bites in a homey atmosphere full of friendly people.

What you must see in Vourvoulos is Palio Chorio, the old part of the village, with its authentic traditional houses, and a cave. Palio Chorio is located just next to the newer neighborhood of the village, and the old homes contrast with the new, modern buildings. You can stop for a bite to eat at the traditional Aidani tavern in the main square.

From here you can walk about two kilometers to find the beach of Vourvoulos and the small fishing port. This is where you can eat great fish (catch-of-the-day) and other Greek specialties at the To Limanaki tou Vourvoulou tavern.

Or, if you want to discover what the locals consider the best beach of the island, Coloumbos beach is just three km walk. Ask the locals and they will point the way. Coloumbos is secluded and untamed, ideal for snorkeling, and often used by nudists.

Must see attractions in include the cave church Agios Georgios Elidas and the historic church Panagia tou Kalou, which dates from 1650. The famous Domaine Sigalas is not far either.

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