The Santorini Hot Springs are one of the island’s most popular attractions and sometimes is fun to follow the tourist trends. Swimming in the Hot Springs is a pastime included in most boat tours of the Caldera so you cannot miss it. Book a tour to Nea Kameni to visit the Nea Kameni National Geological Park and to hike the volcano of the island, then stop for a swim.

If you plan to swim in the Hot Springs, wear a bathing suit you don’t care about. The water is rich in sulfur and that “rotten egg” smell is hard to wash off. But sulfur has several health benefits, and people suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections can benefit from bathing at Palea Kameni. Other advantages may include less morning stiffness, less inflammation, less swelling, and less pain in your joints. This means that people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis can benefit from a bath in these waters too.

The waters of the Santorini Hot Springs are also rich in iron and manganese. Sulfur treatments in spas around the world are costly: swimming in the Santorini Hot Springs is free. Although people call them “Hot Springs,” these waters are just warm, so there is no danger to get burned. Their temperature usually reaches 35°C and you will swim about 50 meters from the place where the springs meet the sea. The main hot spring area to swim in Santorini is located in the cove of Agios Nikolaos.

You can always book an organized tour to reach the springs, or hire a local boatman who knows the area if you want to spend more than 50 minutes swimming and enjoying the landscape. A camera is also recommended as the waters of the springs contrast with the red of the volcanic rocks, creating excellent photo ops.

Featured image Santorini Hot Springs by Κλέαρχος Π. Καπούτσης via Wikimedia Commons.

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