Santorini’s most precious gift for travelers rises in the East in the morning and sets over the world’s most famous volcano caldera in the evening. Sunsets here stay with you for a lifetime. As majestic and memorable as sunsets are, visitors also want more tangible souvenirs of their trips to paradise too. With physical keepsakes in mind, here’s a short list of the most popular tokens from Santorini.

From the Vine

The most popular souvenirs travelers take from Santorini include wines, raki, and ouzo. Famous for the Assyrtiko white wine varieties, the island is considered by many to be Greece’s most fascinating winemaking locale. As for raki, Santorini is proud of this winemaking byproduct most Americans would consider “moonshine.” This strong spirit has its origins in antiquity since before the time of the ancient Minoans of Crete and Thira (Santorini). Ouzo, the other strong spirit tourists seem to love, is produced in the traditional copper alembic still as has been the custom for many centuries. This liqueur is distinctive for its dry anise-flavored aperitif, unlike the harder tone of its cousin raki.

Cosmetics Straight from Nature

Due to Greece’s extreme biodiversity, the country has become quite famous for a range of high-quality natural cosmetics. On Santorini, you’ll find some of the best of these from suntan lotion to natural products with healing properties. You’ll find a wide array of such products at Oia boutiques and drug stores. Secret beauty and healing recipes from Santorini include infusing products with everything from native olive oil to donkey milk in these cosmetics.

Santorini Hive Magic

Famous beekeepers from Athinios, Perissa, and Oia make good use of the volcanic soil of the island combined with the thyme, savory, sage, and wildflowers, to produce distinctive honey not found anywhere else in the world. Santorinian honey is accentuated by other local products like jellies, traditional spoon sweets and jams, herbs, tea, and even peanut butter. The honey here is also used to make a variety of cosmetics and soaps in combination with local olive oil, beeswax, and other elements.

One of their Kind

Santorini is a real shopper’s paradise, even though most tourist guides downplay this aspect of the island’s allure. But if you are in the market for one-of-a-kind arts and crafts, the quaint boutiques and galleries here provided an endless array of items you won’t find in Athens or anywhere else in the Aegean. We suggest you visit “Gold Street” to see more than 40 craft and jewelry boutiques packed with jewelry treasures from the island. It’s here that you’ll probably find that lava rock amulet that lets everyone back home know that you visited Europe’s most famous island destination.

And Still More

For those heading toward the softer souvenir bliss, Oia and Fira are quite famous for woven products in case jewelry and ceramics are not your faves. Also, in this category is Atlantis Books and other exclusive shops in Santorini are sources for books about the island and other Santorini-specific takeaways for the trip back home. And let’s not forget about the island’s famous cherry tomatoes. You can even buy the seeds to take home and grow your own. Other items travelers to Santorini love to bring home are the classic blue and white earthenware plates depicting Santorini scenes. These objects are reminders of the classic and iconic paradise isle. As cliché as these collectible plates may seem, some have become quite valuable over time. But there’s no equivalent to a unique Santorini reminder now, is there?

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