Coming up every third Saturday in September the unique Ifestia Festival celebrates the gigantic volcanic eruption that altered the fates of the entire world in the second millennium BCE. Ifestia Festival 2018 will be a day-long celebration of life and light culminating in a reenactment of the eruption of Minoan Thera in 1600 BC.

What began as fireworks show back in 1991 has grown into one of Santorini’s most popular and spectacular events. This year, as in the past, Ifestia will hold the audience spellbound with a  magical Thera reminiscent spectacle, accompanied by great music and parties.

The fireworks extravaganza turns night into day as explosions reach 90 miles into the night sky over the caldera of Santorini. Organizers expect 2018 to be a repeat of last year when thousands of visitors from around the world planned visits to coincide with the show.

For those who have never witnessed it, Ifestia is not just an ordinary fireworks display, but a light and sound effects extravaganza that is a recreation of the lava flows and explosion that accompanied one of the most significant volcanic events in recorded history.

Amazingly, the locals of Santorini now embrace the power of this legendary volcano rather than fearing its might. This year’s festival will include folkloric events, dances, speeches, and exhibitions that shed light to the island’s distant past, culminating with the Thera explosion reenactment.

Many of the island visitors choose to see the Ifestia Festival from the water, booking boat tours. If that’s your case and you stay at  Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa during the event, we encourage you to get in touch with our Guest Experience Specialists to help you book a tour or assist you in finding the best spot to see the spectacle on land.

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