The Tomato Industrial Museum is a fascinating attraction at the Santorini Arts Factory, which is a multi-purpose gallery and cultural space in Vlichada. It is a recent addition to the cultural stage of the island, as it opened its doors in 2014.

The museum occupies the former tomato factory D.Nomikos in Vlichada. The historic factory was opened in 1945 by George Nomikos, the son of Dimitrios Nomikos, who was the first on the island to produce tomato paste with industrial means at a small pre-industrial plant in Messaria. George Nomikos called his new factory D. Nomikos as an homage to his father. The tomato factory survived despite natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, and the business exported its first tinned tomatoes to countries in Europe in 1971.

The Tomato Industrial Museum tells the story of the historic factory through a variety of interesting exhibits, including processing machinery dating back to 1890, documents, tools, labels, and old cans. The museum organizes workshops and fun activities for children. Occasionally, kids can meet local tomato growers at the Tomato Industrial Museum to learn about tomato farming and uses in gastronomy.

Besides the Tomato Industrial Museum, the Santorini Arts Factory (SAF) offers a wealth of cultural events with a focus on local and Greek music and arts. Their program ranges from theater to dance and live performances.

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