Alios Ilios is the pearl of Santo Pure Oia Suites & Villas, a restaurant with a name that resonates with meaning. Alios Ilios is “the sun which rises and sets in the sea,” – the right place to watch the famous Oia sunset when you want peace and romance.

Santo Pure Oia Suites & Villas is located five minutes away from the main attractions of Oia, in a private spot, sought-after by people who enjoy quiet and privacy. While it does not occupy a spot on the Caldera side of the island, Alios Ilios restaurant is still located on a privileged scene, which allows you to enjoy a great dining experience under the open skies. The dazzling Aegean sea stretches on the horizon under the glitter of the sunset turning golden waves heavy with rubies and murex and amber and gold. It’s a spectacle that could inspire your artistic genius to snap a few pictures – your personal postcards from Oia. You’ll have what to show back home.

Alios Ilios is designed for romance, and even our menus are made for your well-being. Most of our menus are based on the Cretan diet.

“ευ ζην (ef zin), as ancient Greeks used to name the well-being, reflects the philosophy of Cretan diet. It is scientifically proven that the Cretan diet is one of the best-known examples of nutritional models,” our Executive Chef, Manolis Mattheakis, explains. “The Cretan diet distinguishes itself through simple, yet luscious flavors, obtained from the bounty of the Cretan land. Of course, a fine Cretan dinner is always paired with an exceptional wine.”

Therefore, the menu will always feature a traditional Cretan soup in addition to the vegetable soup of the day, but also meals prepared with fresh Santorini produce, like the glorious Santorini tomatoes that are celebrated by so many foodies who visit our island.

For example, the traditional Cretan snails with rosemary are cooked in sparkling wine vinegar made on Santorini. We also serve Santorinian fava beans with askordoulakous, fried capers, and red peppers. Other menu highlights this season include sundried octopus, knuckle of lamb with traditional Cretan pasta, and Greek pork fillet with creamy Cretan cheese and Vinsanto wine sauce, among many others. There’s also a signature Cretan degustation menu if you want the full Cretan experience.

Alios Ilios is a fantastic place for good Greek food. Even the breakfasts here are purely Greek – and certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

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