If anyone asks when is the best time to visit Santorini, we are always happy to answer: anytime you like. Because Santorini reveals its beauty every season. When the heat of the summer subsides, the locals turn to their favorite pastimes enjoying the peace the follows the last of the tourist crowds.

1. Mild temperatures allow you to have more fun outdoors

Autumns are mild on the island, with temperature averages of 24°C in September, 21°C in October, and colder – 17°C in November. The water is still warm enough to swim in September, while the rest of the season when the weather is fine (no rain), the temperatures are perfect for hiking and other outdoors activities made uncomfortable by the heat of the summer.

Exploring Santorini with a quad bike

2. Better prices for accommodation and food

For September and October, most businesses still keep their doors open, lowering prices, to attract the last hurrah of tourist interest. We have excellent discounts at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa. You can reserve your room already, as special offers tend to sell fast. Keep in mind that our hotel does not offer views of the caldera, but the sunsets are still magical in the privacy of your veranda, sipping wine and relaxing in a jacuzzi.

Santo Maris
Watch the sunset away from the crowds from your suite’s private veranda overlooking the dazzling Aegean Sea at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa

3. Autumn months are still full of entertaining events

October, on Santorini, is as rich in happenings as the summer months. We have highlighted some of the most important activities of the year in this blog post: Here’s Why You Should Visit Oia in October.

Red Bull Art of Motion
Red Bull Art of Motion 2017 takes place in the fall in Oia. 2016 image: Alfred Scott. (Photo credit: Alex Grymanis/ Red Bull content pool)

4. Meet the locals

As most tourists return home, you will discover the true spirit of the island, the genuine hospitality of the locals who, happy that their lives return to “normal” will share with you their traditions as if you are one of them. Try to explore the villages surrounding Oia. Talk to us about organizing a custom tour to see the traditional listed settlement of Tholos, for example, or the settlement of Armeni.

5. Visit the local art galleries

It’s nicer to visit the local art galleries when the tourist rush subsides because the owners will take their time to cater more to your needs. You will meet the artists, learn more about their craft, and find pieces that escaped the tourists who always hurry to get to the next attractions.

Oia Treasures Art Gallery
Oia Treasures Art Gallery

6. Catch a sunset reading at Atlantis Books

Regarded by many travel guides and experts as the best bookstore in the world, Atlantis Books is still as authentic as authentic gets. It managed to keep its identity without becoming a “tourist trap.” It’s well worth it to visit it any season. Check out their Facebook page for special events prepared for the autumn. Sure, you can catch the spectacular sunsets anywhere else on the island. The serene setting makes falls a good choice for romantic sunset gazing for couples.

Atlantis Books
Atlantis Books

7. Let us pamper you at our spa

The onsite spa at Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, the Revival Luxury Spa, is a haven of peace and relaxation that radiates serenity for all our guests. We have excellent autumn packages to pamper our guests.

 santo collection oia revival luxury spa

There’s more to do if you visit the island in the autumn: the museums are still open, you can still catch a cultural event at the Santorini Arts Factory (SAF), there are many religious, authentic Greek celebrations that will impress you in the white and blue churches of the island. We hope we inspired you to visit Santorini in the fall.

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